Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gold Coast, QLD - Dreamworld

One of the big attractions at the Gold Coast is an amusement park called Dreamworld. Within the grounds, they have "Tiger Island", which is a better tiger display than most zoos have!

Here's a clip showing the tigers sitting up, as well as how big they really are!

This white tiger is a brother to the butterscotch colored one above. People get excited about white tigers - I guess because they are more rare. (We learned during the show that white tigers are *not* albino, contrary to popular belief.) Personally, I like the darker, more vibrantly colored ones!

Here's a clip of two tigers jumping high into the air! The handlers explained that they didn't realize the tigers would do this until one showed them this skill unexpectedly. They take the tigers on a walk around the park each day, on a leash, before the park opens. One morning they were on this routine walk when a peacock flew over the tiger. The tiger launched himself about 14 feet into the air to grab the peacock, lifting the trainer off the ground with him! (They are incredibly powerful animals.) The trainers were so impressed, they worked the behavior into the show. I suspect the peacock was less impressed.

Dreamworld has a cute little old west, outlaw area. Here's a wanted poster for a horse thief! I guess this one is "Crazy Kate".

Oh, looks like they got her! She's about to escape, though.

Uh-oh... looks like she's in trouble now...

Anna and Danny enjoyed this water rapids ride!

Here's another (professional) shot.

They had the usual dingos, roos, and emus. However, this was a really nice, natural environment for them. This looks like our area, here in the outback.

Hangin' out on the back porch

Check this out! We've never seen an emu sitting down before. I guess it just hadn't occurred to me that they might get tired, too!

This was very a very popular attraction, old Ford cars. Kids always like to drive, eh?

Ye old log ride, always a favorite!


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