Sunday, May 28, 2006

Anna's School Photos - Year 1

This is Anna's school photo for Year 1 (first grade). Notice she's proudly wearing her Student Council pin!

A few weeks ago, Danny was ill, so I had to help her get ready for school and get her there. Her and Dad have their routine down, and I'm pretty much out of that loop. I was trying to get everything going that morning and Anna said to me, "Dad doesn't do things all mixed up. He does it in the proper order." Then she started to recite what the proper order was, but I had to interrupt her to say, "Let's just do the best we can. We're running late." Her response? "Dad and I never run late!"

This is Anna's class. She loves all her friends and teachers. They're all so cute, aren't they?

(Like any of the photos here, you can click on it to see a larger view.)


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