Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gold Coast, QLD - Sea World

Another theme-park attraction at the Gold Coast is Sea World, similar to the ones in the states.

Anna got in the photo booth to get her pirate wanted poster made... I decided at the last minute to join her in the shot, so she looks appropriately mortified, lol!

What does everyone love at Sea World? The dolphins! Here are some doing somersaults in the air!

Wow, how would you like to be a dolphin trainer? Now, THAT's a cool job!

The dolphin show finale... very impressive!

This ride was fun. It went into an underground Bermuda Triangle kind of place that included aliens! Kind of a newer-themed haunted house sort of thing...

Sea World's version of the log ride. It was fun! You didn't really think I would show my screaming face on here, did you? C'mon... whaddaryou... kidden me?

Another favorite Sea World attraction, the Seal (or Sea Lion) show! It's amazing how they train these guys, eh?


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