Sunday, May 28, 2006

Western Australia - Marapana Wildlife World

We can't go on a holiday without visiting at least one wildlife park. This was a small family-operated place that was really nice.

Everyone loves the koalas. This is their normal snoozing position. They always look like they're about to fall out of the trees.

Check out this laid-back guy! We've seen lots of koalas over the years, but we've never seen one laying in this position before.

"What'cha lookin' at? Can't a guy relax without people staring and pointing? Jeez!"

The animal handler lets Anna pet a koala. Notice the two thumbs (on the koala, not the employee)?

Of course, there are always plenty of roos to feed.

Isn't it cute the way they hold the human's hand? I've never seen one bite the hand that feeds it - they just hold on so you won't take it away until they're done.

OK, so this is a basic deer, not that exotic. Anna loves feeding them, though.

Chad thought the llamas were funny.

"Gangsta Geese", as Chad called them. They followed us around hoping to get fed.

A pretty little parrot minding his own business.

There were two groups of dingos. They can't put too many in one enclosure or they will fight. This is the top dog in his group.

There is a hole in the ground between these two. It's a dingo den and is fairly deep and wide. At one point, there were three dingos in there, apparently fitting comfortably. We expected to see/hear a big tussle when the 3rd one went in, but it never happened.

Chad has always loved dogs of every kind and they seem to "take" to him, too. He was glad the animal handler brought one of the dingos out for a visit.

Anna enjoyed petting the dingo, too. This one is the top dog and when he left the cage, the other two immediately got into a fight. Yikes!

"Sure, boy, you can taste my soda." I was afraid Chad might find this little wildlife park boring, but he enjoyed it. It was a nice day for the whole family.


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